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Coconut Low-Fat Cupcake Recipe

Did you know that coconut is natural sweetener that keep calories low. This sweet fruit is used in all kinds of pastries and baked goods to add sweetness without using sugar. In this recipe, the filling of the cupcake is made from coconut, delivering a special treat once you take a bite. You won’t even miss the icing on top, but it you are a coconut lover, it doesn’t hurt to add some on top.


Creamy Coconut Cupcake Recipe

Sweet with coconut and tangy with lime, these golden cupcakes with their snowy-white, ruffled tops look stunning arranged on colored plate.  Serve them midmorning with coffee, midafternoon with tea, or after dinner as a dessert.  They are very easy to make and yet look so delightful that everyone will want to tuck in. CREAMY COCONUT […]

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