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Spring Vanilla Buttercream Raspberry Cupcake Recipe

27Mar13 • 0 comments

Spring is in the air and winter is officially over.  That means we can tuck away our winter coats and bring out our beautiful, flowery spring dresses.  But besides all the bloom, it also means having to enjoy fruity flavored cupcakes like fresh strawberries, blueberries and of course, raspberries!  So I started hunting the internet […]

Easy Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

11Nov12 • 0 comments

It’s official, the holidays are here and it’s time to bring out the cozy sweaters, warm blankets & the Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolate Cupcakes!

Last Minute Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas

29Oct12 • 0 comments

Sometimes you don’t have to spend hours baking in the kitchen to present festive Halloween Cupcakes, sometimes all you need is inspiration and an idea.

Need Easy Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas?

28Oct12 • 1 comment

Thanksgiving is a day when we express our gratitude, a day where we feast and have family gathering traditions. You have your menu planned out, the appetizers, the table setting is organized and even have the wine selection is set. But what about dessert?

Bingo, Cupcakes and Champagne Girls Day Out

9Aug12 • 0 comments

This isn’t your ordinary senior citizen Bingo type of fun ladies; this style of Bingo is for the fabulous!  I started thinking the other day, I never really do anything with my girlfriends during the daytime.  Sure, we can go bike riding, shopping, get pampered, grab coffee, etc… I wanted to do something different, something […]

Holiday Gingerbread Cupcakes

8Dec11 • 1 comment

It’s not the holidays without Eggnog and Gingerbread Cookies. Well in this case, Gingerbread Cupcakes. If you’re a big fan of the season flavors, you and your family will enjoy these delicious gingerbread cupcakes with orange flavor icing.

Easy Christmas Cupcake Recipe

8Dec11 • 1 comment

Tis the season to be jolly, with tons of sweet desserts and cupcakes. This holiday season give the gift of Christmas cupcakes by baking delicious easy cupcakes for your holiday parties or for your family.

Ghouly Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes

7Oct11 • 0 comments

It’s not Halloween without a few ghosts! Decorate chocolate cupcakes with meringue piping to make a ghost or monster of your choice. Decorate each with candied eyeballs.

Easy Monster Halloween Cupcakes

30Sep11 • 0 comments

Create a monster face onto these cupcakes with green ghoulish frosting. Make eyes with jelly candies and horns out of cashew nuts. Spooky!

Easy Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Cupcakes

27Sep11 • 0 comments

Halloween can be a lot of fun, but when you’re throwing a Halloween Party you need all the help you can get. Thanks to store bought cupcakes, our Halloween spirit just got better. All you need to do is show your Halloween baker spirit!