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CupCakes are now becoming so popular that they are establishing themselves in many new ways.  People are, for instance, sending cupcakes instead of flowers, bringing a box full of cupcakes to a party instead of a bottle, having champagne and cupcake parties, and celebrating all kinds of special occasions, from Baby Showers to Diamond Weddings, with cupcakes.  Cupcake tiers are now the new fashion in wedding cakes too.

Cupcakes are without doubt “a cake for all seasons” – universally appreciated by young and old – and so versatile – truly there’s a cupcake design for every occasion.  You certainly don’t need an excuse to indulge in a cupcake, but there are so many occasions at any time of year to celebrate, so why not make the most of them by creating innovative cupcake designs.  We hope at “The CupCake Recipes” site shows clear ways – some quick, some more detailed – to decorate your cupcakes to turn them into cakes fit for the funkiest teen, poshest wedding, laziest picnic, or any special occasion imaginable.

All you need to know is in here – it is full of ideas which hopefully will inspire you to create your own cupcake designs for whatever the occasion or celebration…and have fun in the process.  We hope you will enjoy and more importantly have a go and join in the fun!

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