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Bingo, Cupcakes and Champagne Girls Day Out

This isn’t your ordinary senior citizen Bingo type of fun ladies; this style of Bingo is for the fabulous!  I started thinking the other day, I never really do anything with my girlfriends during the daytime.  Sure, we can go bike riding, shopping, get pampered, grab coffee, etc… I wanted to do something different, something like enjoying a gorgeous afternoon, where a few of us could catch up and have fun.  Then I thought of the old days when we were kids and had tea parties and games.  So it came to me, what about a fabulous BINGO afternoon with cupcakes and Champagne?

So I searched all over the web and came across this Girls Day Out theme by SweetRoseStudio on HWTM; imagine a gorgeous day at a park or your backyard, a very feminine table setting with fresh flowers, adorable cute Lavendar Cupcakes, Sparkling Champagne and a good game of Bingo.

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You could use a simple folding table and cover it with a long white table cloth.  Get creative, decorate your matching chairs or be shabby-chic and use mismatch chairs and decorate them with paper made flowers.  To add a more feminine decor, hang a chandelier from the tree.

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You could always add more fabulousness to the afternoon with fresh flowers, consider adding something bright that makes the whole table POP with this bouquet.  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive.

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Now that you have your table set up, let’s bring out the fun with Lavender Cupcakes and sparkling Champagne.  Of course you could always serve little appetizers, but cupcakes are always a win with the girls.  Plus, cupcakes are much prettier and look fabulous with the bubbly.

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Now you could serve a chilled bottle of sparkling wine or you can get creative with mixing Champagne Cocktails.  If you’re in the mood for fabulous Champagne drinks, take a look at Bubbly and Sweet Champagne Cocktail Recipes.

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So you have cupcakes, chilled Champagne and a gorgeous table setting, the girls are ready to play BINGO!  Now we can’t just play with ordinary bingo cards, they have to go with the fabulous theme.  So I continued to search on the web and found these adorable pink bingo cards.

So you’ve gone this far to impress the gals with bingo, don’t forget to use pink and red jelly belly’s for the game.  If you lose, you can always pop a jelly bean in your mouth as you play.

Another few ideas you can serve at your Bingo party with the girls:

  • Pink Strawberry Lemonade Cocktails (or alcohol-free)
  • Cake Pops
  • Fresh fruit
  • Mini-pies
  • Mini-sandwiches
  • Cookies
  • Kettle Corn
  • or whatever you want…

So what does the bingo winner get?  Consider little gifts you can purchase from the .99 cent store or Bath & Body Works, like hand sanitizers or bath products.

There you have it ladies, that’s my idea of hanging out with my girls on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, just because.  Sure you can use this idea for babyshowers and bridal showers, but when do we ever enjoy an afternoon, just for because we’re fabulous?

Who wants to play Bingo with me?

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