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TOP FIVE Best Cupcakes in Seattle

My love for cupcakes doesn’t stop in Los Angeles friends.  I recently visited a friend in Seattle who insisted I try his favorite cupcakery.  Naturally I was curious because he kept teasing me on Foursquare check-in’s that Trophy Cupcakes has the “Best Cupcakes” in his town.  Of course, we all have our favorites, but I decide if that statement is true buddy!  So as I arrived in Seattle, I first “made” him try my favorite cupcakes from my town that I flew in, (cough-cough…Frosted Cupcakery) and asked what he thought, he agreed, he’s hooked!  Frosted Cupcakery you have a new fan (you are welcome for the shout out, btw).  So now it was his turn to impress me with his favorite cupcake and I must admit, I was impressed.

Although I didn’t get to try most of Seattle’s favorites I did some research to find out what other Seattle Cupcake lovers thought should be the Top Five Cupcakeries in Seattle and here are the results:

#1 Trophy Cupcakes & Party

Customer review:  “I’m in cupcake heaven whenever I enter one of the three locations that house these addictive decadent treats. It’s definitely an out of body experience when I bite into one of Trophy Cupcake’s Red Velvets. This place tops my list of delightful cupcake boutiques here in Seattle.” – JenniLee B. from Seattle.  I have to agree with JennniLee, the Red Velvet was delicious, the cake was fluffy and the frosting had the perfect cream cheese touch.  Not too sweet but still satisfying that sugar need that doesn’t make you run for milk!  Another favorite I recommend would be the Snickerdoodle, uhm…yum!  I was impressed Trophy Cupcakes and you can thank @ChrisPendleton with a “free” cupcake for the introduction. #justsaying  Follow Trophy Cupcakes on Twitter @trophycupcakes

Cost per Cupcake $3.00

Photo taken by Blanka R.

#2 Cupcake Royale

Customer review:  “Cupcake Royale makes my favorite cupcakes. No matter what flavor I select, both the cake and frosting are great together. At other cupcake bakeries, I usually feel like a lackluster job is present on at least one component of the dessert. Cupcake Royale cake is always moist and the frosting is right on for my palate. If I had to pick one favorite flavor, I’d go with red velvet.  I had the salted caramel the other day and it deserves an honorable mention.” – Ashley C.  A few important facts I should mention about this bakery is they use fruits from their local farmers and use organic sugar.  Great sweetness!  Follow Cupcake Royale on Twitter: @CupcakeRoyale

Cost per Cupcake $3.00

#3 The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.

Customer review:  “Best cupcakes in Seattle hands down.  I even had the recent opportunity to try some New York cupcakes and they didn’t even compare to Yellow Leaf!  Bonus points for their sporadic cupcake happy hour where they offer 40% off cupcakes until closing.  The Italian-style buttercream is superior to some of the other frostings I have tried around and the cake is so moist and delicious.  Some of their flavors are amazing, such as Pancakes and Bacon, although they do the classics really well which I consider important.  I highly recommend this place, although sometimes due to demand they can run out so make sure to call ahead and ask them to save you your favorite one!’  – Paul M. from Seattle.  Follow The Yellow Leaf Cupcake on Twitter: @theyellowleaf

Cost per Cupcake $2.95

#4 Coffee to a Tea with Sugar

Customer review:  “I love this place. The mini-cupcakes are the big attraction here.They have the perfect cake to frosting ratio in two perfect bites. I like to buy them for special occasions…or when I walk past this store during business hours. Bad, but oh so good, habit.  The frosting is buttery and rich and FLAVORFUL. The cake is always perfect – never dry and spongy.  The lemon and coconut cupcakes are my favorites.” – Colleen W. from Seattle.  Also, if you visit their website now you could download a gift certificate for a free mini cupcake – For a limited time only.

Cost per Cupcake $3.00

#5 Sugar Bakery & Cafe

Customer review:  “This is really all about the cupcakes….These are the best in town. Sugar cupcakes are moist. Not just moist, but succulent. Split open a cupcake from anywhere else in town; the cake crumbles into little tiny crumbly pieces. Split open a cupcake from Sugar: the cake breaks gently into large, moist, delicate crumbs.  Second, Sugar cupcakes are not too sweet. Again, it’s about the cake….The chocolate tastes of darkness, of bittersweet, of depth. The cupcakes taste like what they are: chocolate, vanilla, coconut. Not of a sweet imitation meant mostly as a vehicle for frosting. It’s a soft, dense, complex and lovely swirl of frosting, complementing every bite.” – Hannah L. from Seattle.  Sounds like Hannah really loves their cupcakes!  I hear they don’t have a huge selection of cupcakes to choose from and you must go in early to grab a cupcake if you wanna give the bakery a try.  Follow Sugar Bakery on Twitter: @sugarbakery

Cost per Cupcake $3.35

So there you have it my cupcake lovers, next time you’re visiting Seattle and have a sweet tooth, stop by the mentioned bakeries and give these cupcake bakers a try.  If you live in Seattle, tell us what you think, who has the best cupcakes in your neighborhood?  Please share your favorite with us below.

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