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Best Cupcake Decorations & Supplies for All Occassions

Are you a cupcake-obsessed baker looking for the perfect cupcake decorations for birthdays, baby showers, and all major holidays?  Well we did a little bit of research and discovered a few cupcake suppliers that provide fancy paper liners to sanding sugar and edible glitter.  Getting ideas already?  Well get your bake on, because now you can get super creative and impress all your loved one’s or even start your own cupcake business:

Beaucoup Wedding

Carries the hard to find italian silver “amorini” chocolate hearts or mini pastel hearts, which are perfect for decorating Valentine cupcakes.

Amorini Heart Candy


Paper liners in every colors for every occassion as well as sprinkles and other edible decorations.

Elegant Cupcake Baking Cups


Perfect stop for baking enthusiasts and the cupcake-obsessed looking for sanding sugar, edible glitter, and sprinkles in a rainbow of colors, plus great paper liners and three-four, five-and six-tier cupcake stands.

Wedding Cupcake Stand

Crate &

Cupcake pans, cute cupcake baking gift set, and holiday cupcake stencils for the true cupcake fanatic!

Cupcake Carrier

Into the

For rolled out fondant icing, dragees, edible glitter dust, and other baking supplies from around the world.

Edible Gold Flakes

King Arthur

Anyone hoping to transport cupcakes needs a sturdy plastic carrier from The Bakers Catalogue to keep their cakes safe from the rough and tumble of any trip – to the potluck, the school party, or a picnic.  The site is also an excellent resource all baking supplies.

Tulip Papers


The foodcrafters supply catalog carries hard to find edible gold dragees, cupcake stands, fun seasonal paper liners, food coloring, etc…

Special Cupcake Wrappers

Nordic Ware

Family owned, American bakeware manufacturer offers the Heartlette Dessert Pan for baking heart shaped cupcakes.

Beautiful selection of cupcake related items, including monogrammed cupcake gift boxes, holiday silcone cupcake molds, and non stick pans.


Professional cake decorators known Wilton, and baking enthusiasts at every level will enjoy browsing their online store.

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