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What’s a Cupkie? Try this Delicious Banana Split “CupKie”

So what’s a “Cupkie” you ask?  Well that was my first question to facebook fan of “The Cupcake Recipes”, Andrea McConnell who started posting professional and amazing pictures of these flat cupcakes.  They looked like a cupcake, but not quite a cupcake, they looked like a cookie, but much to fancy for a cookie.  Whatever it was, they look delicious and I wanted to know the recipe, just like many other fans did.  But Andrea just kept teasing us with these amazing photos.  I started to think, maybe Andrea McConnell is an amazing foodie photographer?  But the “Cupkie” had to be created and baked by someone, right?  So what did I do?  I Googled the word, like we all do when we are curious about something.  Well sadly, I didn’t find anything.

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Just as I was about to give up on the Cupkie search, Andrea McConnell surprised us with more amazing photos and finally a delicious recipe that she was so kind to share with us, THE BANANA SPLIT CUPKIE!  Take a look at this beauty and you’ll see why I was so eager to find out what a cupkie is:

Photo by Andrea McConnell

So what’s a Cupkie?  A Cupkie is part cookie and part cupcake.

So how is it baked?  Andrea shares with us on Facebook in her words, “This is basically the top part of a cupcake.  I make up the batter x-tra thick.  This recipe was 2 boxes of butter yellow cake mix, 1 stick butter, 4 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla & 1 cup crushed ripe banans. I topped it with a vanilla Italian buttercream ( made to look like whipped cream), drizzled hot fudge & a cherry on top.  I made these for a fundraiser and they sold out within an hour.”

I can see why they would sell out, they look delicious!  So our next question is, do you have a website or a business where we can find these fabulous Cupkies for those who aren’t big on baking & just want to enjoy the greatness now?  Soon to come, I am sure.  Andrea McConnell might have started the next Cupkie Trend!

Here are more amazing photos from Andrea McConnell.  Let’s eat & enjoy with our eyes.

French toast cake with a maple buttercream~ The breakfast of champions! Photo by Andrea McConnell

French vanilla cake with a strawberry cream filling ( homemade strawberry jam & whipped heavy cream) and vanilla bean buttercream.

Lemon Meringue Cupkie photo by Andrea McConnell

Thank you Andrea McConnell for sharing some amazing photos of your creations and for sharing that delicious Banana Split Cupkie recipes with us.  We look forward to more photos and delicious recipes from you.

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