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Cupcakes in Los Angeles – What’s your Favorite?

Some people may not understand the cupcake obsession.  Some predicted that it was just a phase that would die out soon.  But now it has been confirmed that mostly everyone is obsessed with cupcakes.  However, there might still be a couple of people out there thinking, “Cupcakes? Really? I don’t get it!” Well here are a few bakeries that specialize in cupcakes that just might make those few finally “get it” and jump on the cupcake bandwagon!

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Cupcake maven Candace Nelson’s Sprinkles had been described by the Los Angeles Times as “the progenitor of the haute cupcake craze”. Sprinkles was the first cupcake bakery in Beverly Hills. Topped with their trademark modern dot, these elegant cakes are in high demand. They have all the usual flavors, as well as sophisticated options such as chai latte and ginger lemon. Sprinkles now offers vegan and gluten free red velvet cupcakes to serve those who usually have to stay away from these small delights!

Susie Cakes

You have to love a place where you can buy a whoopie pie! Susan Sarich’s signature frosting filled cupcakes sound like the perfect splurge, the chocolate mint sounds to die for! You can also pick up bite-sized mini cupcakes for a smaller treat…or maybe just as an excuse to try multiple flavors. Try Susie Cakes near a location near you, there are a few.

Vanilla Bake Shop

Amy Berman has a  sleek and modern design to her cakes, all full of decadent layers and fillings. They have a daily menu of cupcakes as well as a rotating menu for each day of the week. While the individuals are tempting enough…one of their specialties is the impressive cupcake towers holding as many as 175 cupcakes plus 300 cupcake babies! Vanilla Bake Shop has been featured in Martha Stewart.

Violet’s Cakes

Denise Weber is living her dream by owning her own cupcake shop. Some of her recipes are based on her grandmother’s classics, and other flavors include: eggnog, snickerdoodle with cinnamon butter crème, French toast, and Elvis (banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting). Her specialty cakes are intricate and show mastery in frosting artistry. She also designs wondrous wedding cakes. I’ve had Violet’s Cakes, they are old fashion delicious!!

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