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Best Five CupCakes in New York City

So the secret is out!!  Well maybe it’s not that much of a secret.  After all, once you strolled around the city you are bound to find your favorite Cupcake.  Oh, yes…Cupcakes, from their sweet frosting to their soft inside, who doesn’t love cupcakes.  Well, we know we do and we should thank for searching high and low for the best top five cupcake shops in New York City. What other snack could truly satisfy your sweet tooth after a long night of dancing and partying?  Well according to ClubPlanet, they know that these mouth-watering cupcakes are delicious any time of the day.  They came up with a list, that you can choose to have a drink while you nibble on one of these tasty treats (yes, can you believe some of these cupcake shops serve alcohol) or buy a batch and save them for a later. Either way, we are sure you will enjoy taste-testing these sweet delights.

#5 Magnolia Bakery
Magnolia Bakery, earning the number five spot on their list, has three locations in New York City: downtown, in Rockefeller Center and uptown. They also deliver so you are able to get delicious Magnolia cupcakes right to your door. Sex and the City fan? If so, you will be pleased to know that in one of the episodes, Carrie and Miranda enjoy their cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery’s trendy downtown location. Magnolia has certainly earned a reputation as the most popular cupcakery in NYC, but even after working up an appetite waiting in a long line of tourists, their cupcakes weren’t our favorite. magnolia-cupcakes

#4 Sweet Revenge
Located in West Village, Sweet Revenge is open every day of the week and is usually open very late. You can choose from their wide variety of signature and artisan cupcakes, and if you are in the mood to drink while eating your scrumptious cupcakes, Sweet Revenge also serves alcohol! They have cupcake/drink pairings on their menu, letting their customers know which alcoholic beverage goes perfectly with each cupcake – very original!

#3 Billy’s Bakery
With two locations in New York City, one in West Chelsea and one recently added in Tribeca, Billy’s Bakery takes the number three position on our cupcake list. This place has it all, from their fresh cupcakes, to the delicious smell coming from their cakes and pies. It’s no wonder they earned such high praise from ClubPlanet!

#2 Crumbs Bake Shop
Crumbs, the second best NYC cupcakery is actually located throughout the city and out of state! Crumbs also delivers right to your door and is known for the large size of their cupcakes! They also offer the option to purchase a college care pack.  How cool is that? This college care pack allows you to send your favorite collegiate a six pack of cupcakes for a flavor-filled study break. Crumbs also helps fight against Breast Cancer, giving $1 to the Breast Cancer Coalition with every purchase, so it’s always money well spent.

cupcake-stop-cupcakes#1 CupCakeStop
With a motto of “Serve New Yorkers delicious cupcakes on THEIR terms,” it is no wonder why the CupCakeStop is #1 on the list. This relative new-comer to the NYC cupcake scene has made a big name for itself in just four short months. Rated the best cupcake in the city of New York, the CupCakeStop was also the first mobile gourmet cupcake shoppe ever in NYC! Baked fresh from scratch nightly in a commercial kitchen with a menu of over 40 flavors, CupcakeStop’s reputation for quality and innovativeness is unparallelled, proven by their loyal following. Instead of the community finding this cupcake shop, it actually comes right to them! The leftover cupcakes, although they are scarce, are donated to the less fortunate through City Harvest. Plus, their truck also does special events like weddings and Bar Mitzvahs!

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