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Gluten-Free Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Recipe

Naturally gluten-free, these light chocolate cupcakes made with potato flour and spread with a rich chocolate cream cheese frosting are great for anyone following a gluten- or nut-free diet. Top them with grated chocolate for a sophisticated treat, or sprinkle with edible sparkles for something more playful.


Zucchini, Pistachio, and Lime Cupcake Recipe

Perfect for anyone on a dairy-free diet, these tender cupcakes are delicately scented with fragrant cardamom and pistachio and drenched in a tangy, intensely flavored sticky lime syrup. The zucchini may sound like an odd ingredient but it gives the cupcakes a wonderfully moist texture.


Rosewater Cupcake Recipe

Delicately scented with rosewater, these gorgeous pink cupcakes are perfect for girls who like extra-pretty. I like pale pink sugared rose petals on mine, but darker pink or white will look just lovely. For an extra indulgence, try stirring 2 oz. chopped Turkish delight into the cake mixture before spooning it into the paper liners.


Maple and Pecan Cupcake Recipe

Maple syrup and pecans are a classic combination, and no better anywhere than in these light, sticky cupcakes topped with creamy, buttery frosting and caramelized pecans. Look out for the dark amber maple syrup as it has a more intense flavor that really shines through in the fluffy, buttery cake.

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