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Classic Carrot Cupcake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

If you’re a carrot cake fanatic like I am, you will love this Carrot Cupcake recipe with a zest of Orange Cream Cheese Frosting.  It’s mmmm…delicious! Classic Carrot Cupcake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting Ingredients 1 (9 ounce) pkg frozen sliced carrots 2 cups sugar 1 1/2 cups vegetable oil 4 eggs, beaten 2 1/2 […]


Creamy Coconut Cupcake Recipe

Sweet with coconut and tangy with lime, these golden cupcakes with their snowy-white, ruffled tops look stunning arranged on colored plate.  Serve them midmorning with coffee, midafternoon with tea, or after dinner as a dessert.  They are very easy to make and yet look so delightful that everyone will want to tuck in. CREAMY COCONUT […]


Lavender Cupcake Recipe

Subtly scented with lavender, these golden, buttery cupcakes are deliciously simple with an understated elegance, so they’re perfect for serving midafternoon with a cup of tea.  The fragrant taste of the lavender flowers gives the cupcakes an elusive hint that you can’t quite put your finger on. LAVENDER CUPCAKES 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/4 teaspoon […]


Cherry and Marzipan Cupcake Recipe

Dense and almondy with a sticky, chewy marzipan center, these sweet little cupcakes are the ideal choice for anyone with a sweet tooth who also likes the strong flavor of almonds.  Pack a few in a pretty box as a gift for a sweet-toothed friend and watch them disappear in no time. CHERRY AND MARZIPAN […]


Carrot and Cardamom Cupcake Recipe

Lightly spiced and topped with a creamy citrus mascarpone frosting, these delightful cupcakes are just the thing when you need a treat. They’re not too sweet, but offer just the right combination of crunch, crumble, spice, sweetness, and creaminess-plus that little hint of naughtiness that a cupcake should always have.

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