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Gourmet Hazelnut Cupcakes

Made with ground almonds and hazelnuts and covered with dark chocolate frosting, these cupcakes are worth serving on their own, without any other embellishments.


Perfect Engagement Bling (Ring) Cupcakes

You’ve got a big event to celebrate, so make an impact with this stunning yet simple design that is sure to be a big hit.

Engaging thought: This design is very color versatile and can be easily adapted to coordinate with the colors of the real engagement ring!


Wedding CupCakes

Who wants an old-fashioned tiered wedding cake when you could have a mountain of these pretty white wedding cupcakes instead? I like the white look when it comes to decorations, but you can add food coloring, flowers, or ribbon according to your color scheme. You can also use larger muffin pans to make a variety of sizes.

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