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Butterfly Summer Cupcakes

Whimsical butterflies take flight with the help of pretzel wings. Blue buttercream bodies, licorice antennae, and candy-coated-chocolate heads give these cupcakes the final flourish.


Ladybug Cupcakes

With cupcakes as cute as these, you can feel good about bugs taking over your celebration. Gumdrop heads and licorice antennae transform innocent cakes into surprising insect creations!


Shark and Beach Summer CupCakes

Although we believe cupcakes are a timeless treat, these summery sweets really take the cake!

Are you spending a weekend at the beach? Let your surroundings inspire your cupcake creations and try our shark- and beach-themed treats!


Pink Piggy CupCakes

You can’t get much cuter than a plateful of these pink piggies sitting on the tea table.  Except perhaps a gang of mini-farmers in checked shirts and matching overalls!  So why not go with the animal theme and throw a farmyard tea party?  Decorating these cupcakes is a little fiddly, but the final result is […]

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