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“Amorini” Chocolate Hearts for Valentine Cupcakes

Amorini chocolate hearts are perfect for valentine cupcakes, wedding cupcakes or any type of cake where you would like to show your love, after all “Amorini” means little loves in Italian. Amorini hearts, have long been a traditional Italian wedding favor, but today they have also been used for the perfect cupcake decoration. To purchase […]


Perfect Engagement Bling (Ring) Cupcakes

You’ve got a big event to celebrate, so make an impact with this stunning yet simple design that is sure to be a big hit.

Engaging thought: This design is very color versatile and can be easily adapted to coordinate with the colors of the real engagement ring!


How To Make Cupcake Ice Cream Cones


Fouth of July CupCakes

They may not sparkle or explode, but these cupcakes are just the thing for your Fourth of July celebration. Bake cupcakes in foil cups, spread them generously with white frosting, and decorate with fresh blueberries and raspberries.


Flag CupCakes

Happy times with kids call for cheerful cupcakes. Easier to serve than cake, cupcakes require no slicing, no plates, and no forks — and every child gets her fair share of icing. The designs on this page start as Chocolate Cupcakes or Vanilla Cupcakes iced with Swiss Meringue Buttercream — perfect for spreading in thin […]


Tee-Time Father’s Day Cupcakes

Whether or not it’s Father’s Day, he’s sure to love these whimsical treats.


Marzipan Starfish Cupcakes

Grated graham crackers create edible sand to dust over frosted cupcakes.


Ladybug Cupcakes

With cupcakes as cute as these, you can feel good about bugs taking over your celebration. Gumdrop heads and licorice antennae transform innocent cakes into surprising insect creations!


Summer Ice Cream Cupcakes

These miniature desserts are dressed up with a refreshingly delicious scoop of gelato.


Shark and Beach Summer CupCakes

Although we believe cupcakes are a timeless treat, these summery sweets really take the cake!

Are you spending a weekend at the beach? Let your surroundings inspire your cupcake creations and try our shark- and beach-themed treats!

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