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Twilight’s New Moon: Love at First Bite Cupcakes

This is for all the Twilighters out there!!  Sink your teeth into the sweeter side of Twilight with Crumbs‘ vampire-themed cupcakes. With the premiere of New Moon last night and the movie just a few days away, fans can celebrate by engaging in these bloody delights. The Love at First Bite cupcake is cherry-pie-stuffed chocolate […]


Best Five CupCakes in New York City

So the secret is out!!  Well maybe it’s not that much of a secret.  After all, once you strolled around the city you are bound to find your favorite Cupcake.  Oh, yes…Cupcakes, from their sweet frosting to their soft inside, who doesn’t love cupcakes.  Well, we know we do and we should thank for […]


Baked – Brooklyn, NY

Baked opened in Brooklyn’s waterfront Red Hook neighborhood in January 2005, and before long, googly-eyed customers were flocking to the converted storefront-church space, eager to sample the bakery’s luscious cakes, brownies, cookies, granolas, and coffee. Baked’s Sweet and Salty cupcake was born from their popular full-sized cake of the same name. “I was talking to a customer about the glory of sweet and salty together,” Baked co-owner Ronalto Poliafito says. “So we started with a dark chocolate base and then added the salted caramel. There’s something satisfying about the combination of salty and sweet.” Like a honey-roasted peanut? “Exactly!” Poliafito smiles.

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